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1990 Grand Wagoneer Wiring Diagrams Page


You can "Right-Click" and do a "Save As" on the link or go to the link & do the same thing. The WinZip format files are compressed and you will need a WinZip type program to uncompress.
In your graphics program, (I use PaintShopPro), use your Page Setup and check the "Fit to Page" and you should get some decent printouts.

1990 Radio Schematic (Also refer to Page 29 in the Numeric section below)
Radio Schematic
1990 Instrument Cluster
Instrument Panel Clock
Instrument Panel Cluster Lamps
Instrument Panel Connectors
Instrument Panel Exploded View
Instrument Panel Gauge Specs
Instrument Panel Printed Circuit Board
Instrument Panel Schematic Page 1
Instrument Panel Schematic Page 2
90-Instrument Cluster Set (WinZip File) Complete set in 1 WinZip File (approx 600K)
1990 Cruise Control
Cruise_Wiring 1 Section 8W Page SJ-11
Cruise_Wiring 2 Section 8W Page SJ-12
Cruise Control Diagnosis Section 8H Page 12
Cruise_Schematic Section 8H Page 17
Cruise_Module Tests Section 8H Page 18
Cruise_Switch Page Section 8H Page 19
Cruise Control Set (WinZip File) Complete set in 1 WinZip File (approx 2 Meg)
1990 Wiring Diagrams (Section 8W) Numeric Listing
1990 Index A - Def Index Page 1
1990 Index Def - Lamps Index Page 2
1990 Index Lamps - Relays Index Page 3
1990 Index Relays - Switches Index Page 4
1990 Index Switches - End Index Page 5
FuseApplicationChart-8W_Page-1 Fuse Application Chart #1 of 3
FuseApplicationChart-8W_Page-2 Fuse Application Chart #2 of 3
FuseApplicationChart-8W_Page-3 Fuse Application Chart #3 of 3
ChargingSystem-8W_Page-4 Charging System
StarterSystem-8W_Page-5 Starter System #1 of 2
IgnitionSwitch-8W_Page-6 Ignition Switch #2 of 2
IgnitionSystem-8W_Page-7 Ignition System
EmissionSystem-8W_Page-8 Emission System
OilPressureTemp-8W_Page-9 Oil Pressure & Temperature
UnderhoodLamp-8W_Page-10 Underhood Lamp
Cruise_Wiring-1-8W-Page-11 Cruise Wiring #1 of 2
Cruise_Wiring-2-8W-Page-12. Cruise Wiring #2 of 2
FrontEndLighting-8W_Page-13 Front End Lighting #1 of 2
FrontEndLighting-8W_Page-14 Front End Lighting #2 of 2
HeadlampSwitchControlled-1-8W_Page-15 Interior Lighting #1 of 2
HeadlampSwitchControlled-2-8W_Page-16 Interior Lighting #2 of 2
Horn-Cigar-8W_Page-17 Horn-Cigar Lighter #1 of 2
TurnSignal-Hazard-8W_Page-18 Turn Signals/Hazards #2 of 2
WindshieldWiper-8W_Page-19 Windshield Wiper
IntermittantWindshieldWiper-8W_Page-20 Intermittant Wiper
RearWiper-8W_Page-21 Rear Wiper #1 of 2
RearWiper-8W_Page-22 Rear Wiper #2 of 2
CourtesyLamps-8W_Page-23 Courtesy Lamps
DomeCargoVanityLamps-8W_Page-24 Dome, Cargo & Vanity Lamps
InstrumentClusterConnectors-8W_Page-25 Instrument Cluster Connectors
InstrumentClusterPrintedCircuit-8W_Page-26 Instrument Cluster Printed Circuit
ChimeModule-8W_Page-27 Chime Module
OverheadConsole-8W_Page-28 Overhead Console
StereoRadio-8W_Page-29 Stereo Radio
PowerMirrors-8W_Page-30 Power Mirrors
AC-HeaterSystem-8W_Page-31 A/C Heater System #1 of 2
AC-HeaterSystem-8W_Page-32 A/C Heater System #2 of 2
PowerWindows-8W_Page-33 Power Windows #1 of 2
PowerWindows-8W_Page-34 Power Windows #2 of 2
PowerWindowSwitchFunctions-8W_Page-35 Window Switch Functions Front
PowerWindow-SeatSwitchFunctions-8W_Page-36 Window Sw Functions Rear & Seats
PowerWindows-8W_Page-37 Power Window Schematic
PowerSeat-8W_Page-38 Power Seat Schematic
PowerDoorLocks-8W_Page-39 Power Door Locks #1 of 2
PowerDoorLocks-KeylessEntry-8W_Page-40 Power Door Locks/Keyless #1 of 2
TailgateWindow-8W_Page-41 Tailgate Window
RearDefogger-8W_Page-42 Rear Window Defogger
FuelTankSystem-8W_Page-43 Fuel Tank System #1 of 2
WarningIndicators-8W_Page-44 Warning Indicators # 2 of 2
RearLamps-8W_Page-45 Rear Lamps #1 of 2
RearLamps-8W_Page-46 Rear Lamps #2 of 2
TrailerTowHarness-8W_Page-47 Trailer Tow Harness #1 of 2
TrailerTowHarness-8W_Page-48 Trailer Tow Harness #2 of 2
DaytimeRunningLamp-Canada-8W_Page-49 Daytime Running Lamps (Canada)
FusePanel-8W_Page-50 Fuse Panel Front
FusePanel-8W_Page-51 Fuse Panel Rear
BulkheadDisconnect-8W_Page-52 Bulkhead Disconnect Eng Compartment
BulkheadDisconnect-8W_Page-53 Bulkhead Disconnect Front Lamp
BulkheadDisconnect-8W_Page-54 Bulkhead Disconnect Instrument Panel
SteeringColumnConnector-8W_Page-55 Steering Column Connector Layout