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EnigmaRadio at This links to radio & Album playlists. With 500+ songs per playlist, 10 radio & 5 album playlists  you can listen for days before you have to start over!

You can play selected songs from from the 5 albums and a special pro DJ Remix stream. These are not necessarily the album versions and have versions not offered on the CD's. An example listing selections from album 1 is below:

Album: MCMXC a.D. - E1
(Comments by Martyn Woolley)

SADENESS (Violent US Mix)
Taken from Sadeness Part I (Virgin DINSD 101)
This is one of the best Enigma remixes ever. Good production and effects. This remix is one of the most revered Enigma remixes ever by most fans.

Introit: Benedicta sit sanctn Trinitas
By Andrew Gabrieli
This is a special NON - ENIGMA track that was only on the US release of Sadeness Part I in the special DigiPak with different colors than the European releases. Chant based song performed by monks.

MEA CULPA (Orthodox Mix)
Taken from Mea Culpa Part II (Virgin 664 040)
The best remix version of Mea Culpa in my opinion, a little more laid back than the original. Great Cretu production on this excellent mix.

Taken from US Promo Principles Of Lust (Charisma DPRO 12749)
This is the very unique Video Mix which is 10 seconds longer than the original radio edit. It can be found only on the very rare US promotional CD for Principles Of Lust. The video for this song was banned by MTV and most TV stations.

The Rivers Belief (Extended Mix)
Taken from The Rivers Of Belief (Virgin DINSD 112)
This is one of the most popular Enigma songs ever, and one of the hardest CD singles to buy, as this is now out of print. Great song, excellent mix features the organ intro. Slightly different than the original album mix, but basically the same.


Taken from The Rivers Of Belief (Virgin DINSD 112)
Knocking on Forbidden Doors is requested frequently by fans around the globe. This version is from The Rivers Of Belief single which is now very hard to find. The song is the same as the album version. Many fans say it is a "very scary and moody song".

SADENESS (Meditation Mix)
Taken from Sadeness Part I (Virgin DINSD 101)
This remix is the revamped and edited second part Sadeness Reprise from the E1 album. Edited down and added heavy breathing make this a seductive mix.

Taken from The Rivers Of Belief (Virgin DINSD 112)
This is the radio edit of the popular album version. The edit remains very much intact and offers it's own atmosphere.

MEA CULPA (Fading Shades Mix)
Taken from Mea Culpa Part II (Virgin 664 040)
Epic remix of Mea Culpa, it has many elements of the album but with added guitars and effects. This remix also appears on the Limited Edition of E1 as an added track. Great drums and beats, very moody and just an awesome mix

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