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Oljeep Collins

Odessa, FL
Dedicated to Full Size Jeeps (FSJ's)


This site was created for info on Full Size Jeeps, (FSJ's) ONLY. When I purchased my 85 GW in the mid 90's there was virtually no information available on the web. I have posted quite a few wiring diagrams from 1962 & up & Vacuum diagrams from 1976 & up. There are Factory TSM's, (Technical Service Manuals), and Parts Manuals starting from 1974. I have some "Small Jeep" info but this site is primarily for FSJ's and there are plenty of better resources for the small jeeps.

NEW! - Noah Freibert sent me 3 large manuals, the 53-71 CJ & Dj Service Manual in PDF format, the 1965 Universal Jeep Service Manual for CJ & DJ jeeps in PDF format and the 1995 YJ Service Manual in PDF format.They are now now posted under the "Manuals/TSM's" link and under the "Small Jeeps" links on the left. Some of these files are large so allow plenty of time to load or download. Thanks Noah!

Joe Guilbeau's Radiator Theory page is still recommended reading for all. BEFORE you do anything to your cooling system or try to troubleshoot problems I suggest you read this first! I also have Joe's Alternator Theory page that walks you thru the theory, testing & repairing of your alternator. This is a another "Must Read", (if nothing else, it has great pics!).

If you have scans of any of the missing years on either the electrical or vacuum layouts or other info applicable to this website please contact me!

There is also a very neat screen saver Bill McCaffrey from the old FSJ-list you may want to use instead of your current old screensaver.

Comments or questions just email me.


The sticker pictured below is available from John Meister at the link under the graphic.

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