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Astrological Readings by Gail Stoner

Local Readings
Gail has resumed her readings at the Mystic Goddess, 7500 Ulmerton Road #17, Largo, FL 33771 every Wednesday & Saturday, 11:00am-5:00pm. Call 727-530-9994 for an appointment.

Special Note: Gail was married to Tom Collins at their home in Odessa, Florida on May 4, 2008.

What is Astrology?
Astrology is the study of science and the art of symbol interpretation using the sky as a map. Based on that map, the birthchart reveals character, behavior patterns and personality.
Character is destiny. To change your destiny, it is necessary to change patterns of behavior.

What do the stars hold for you? Discover your secret destiny
Knowledge is understanding - Understanding is intelligence - Intelligence is the gathering of secret information - Secrets are hidden mysteries - Mysteries are what is unknown.
Let me reveal these to you!

Wondering about your Money?
Before you invest in that car, stereo or house, shouldn't you have the advantage of all information available?

Looking for answers about your Relationships?
Have a compatibility chart done. This can be done for lovers, friends, children or business partners.

Need some insight about the direction your life is taking?
A Karmic chart can help you understand where you are going.

Remember,... the Stars Impel, Not Compel...
Let the Stars Show the Way

One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself or someone else is the gift of self-awareness.

I offer readings by email, telephone or personal meetings for those in my area. My prices vary based on what you request and how in depth you want me to go. I also have some of my training tapes available to purchase to help you understand & get more out of your life. Click on the "Consultations" button on the left side for my rates.

If you want to order a Natal Chart you can do so thru the "Consultations" link on the left menu.
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