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  September 2008 Astrology Report


Once again we have the planetary pair Venus and Mars joining together on September 11, 2008, they are at 15 degrees Libra conjunct Mercury. Venus has influence over our self-esteem, possessions, survival instincts, talents, abilities and our relationships. Mars is the planet of war, aggression, desire, and the masculine energy that willingly obtains the feminine desires of Venus.

This energy concludes the last conjunction of Venus and Mars from zero degrees of Scorpio on October 24, 2006. You may reflect on this time to see what changes you have made or what circumstances have occurred in your life that have brought about changes that have forced you to realize your personal role in the mishaps of life that we donít necessarily want but end up putting up with. It has all been about seeing the connection between ourselves, our desires and what actions we take to create our desires. Do thoughts of sabotage, escapism, ruthlessness, laziness, settling, and disillusionment comes to mind? You find the word that best suits the truth that reflects your personal experience and the out come of the past 23 months and you will have insight into how you should direct your thoughts, desires and ambitions.

But first you must look into the mirror and see yourself truthfully. Are you proud of your actions and responses to the events that occurred? Did you take responsibility for your actions or cast blame and ridicule on others? Truth remains the same yet it has many faces. It can be expressed with the ability to educate, uplift and inspire those you share your truth with or it can scar, humiliate and demean.

These next two cycles of the Venus and Mars conjunction will occur in the sign of Libra, as the next conjunction occurs August 21, 2010. This will require co-operation, balance, fairness, honesty, unity and compromise, for having the ability to obtain your desires through your own initiative and determination, with the assistance of others, but not at the expense of others. These planets assist in reaching our goals.


Aries: You may find those around you are very willing to help create the dreams you possess. If they are including themselves in this dream without invitation it is up to you to make them understand where they fit into this scenario.

Taurus: Having patience and adapting to change are the two greatest personal triumphs you can expect to experience on this venture. Doing, saying and responding in ways that endear you to others rather than alienating.

Gemini: Do your best to meet the requirements of life yet detach from taking personal offense to the events caused by others who may be doing the best they can as well. Observe and listen and know that everything will work out for the best.

Cancer: The skies the limit, so set your sights as far and high as you can. Just realize that your dream may be to parachute from airplanes but you cannot force those around you to do your dream if they are afraid of heights or falling.

Leo: Making lemonade out of lifeís lemons. So itís not happening quick enough or exactly as you expected. Get over it and get on with enjoying what you do have and are able to do in the mean time. Or youíll never recognize your dream when it arrives.

Virgo: One day at a time. Focus on the steps and accomplishing as much as you can each day, week or month. Stretch, walk, exercise, eat well and drink plenty of fluids. Do what you know is good for you. Build up your vitality so you will be the best you can be for the great changes that are coming.

Libra: Finally you have arrived. It is all about you and once you realize that, you will understand it doesnít matter who agrees or disagrees. It matters whether you are true to yourself and being the best you can be, then put yourself with those who can appreciate your attributes. Seek wise counsel and trust in yourself.

Scorpio: Anticipation and being on high alert can be an exhausting state of being. Know that it is okay not to know where your going every minute and with whom. Allow yourself the privilege of living in the moment while you follow your own inner urgings. Then take notice of those who are in the same place and space and call them friends. They always make the best mates.

Sagittarius: Being conservative, practical and all grown up with doing all the things you know you must do is not befitting the desires that well up inside of you. But this is how you will attract those who will support and mentor the new you that is emerging. Being a little wild and crazy wouldnít hurt within limits.

Capricorn: Strength, determination and fortitude are attributes you carry in your DNA. These are wonderful traits to have if they do not keep you from experiencing the magic of life. Use the powers that be to create the life you desire and let the universe provide. Imagine it, believe it to be so and trust it will happen. The power of positive thinking will be your greatest ally as you prepare to lead by example.

Aquarius: You are so busy doing what you do that you canít see everyone and everything around you is supporting the urges that are coming from within you. Resisting change just because it represents the unfamiliar is a true sign youíve gotten yourself in a rut. Step outside into the sunlight, clear your mind of the clutter and begin something fresh and new.

Pisces: You can feel it in the air and every fiber of your being, it is time for change and it all begins with you. The most important relationship you have to maintain and support is the one you have with yourself. Release yourself from what ever binds you. Then surround yourself with the white light of protection, then define and protect your perimeters.

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