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  May 2008 Astrology Report


This month has Saturn going direct May 2, 2008 where it will continue it's forward motion while taking until August 9, 2008 before it leaves the shadow of the retrograde. While the direct motion of Saturn gives strength to business it is also creating a stronger impact on individuals concerning health, nutrition and work practices. So it is time to make and begin a plan to improve your health and work routine. Many individuals will have found health problems existed during the retrograde and they are now being urged to take action to correct existing health conditions.

May 4, 2008 at 11:00 A.M. The writer of this column will be getting married to Tom Collins at their home in Odessa, Florida.

The New Moon May 5, 2008 at 15 degrees of Taurus comes on the day of celebration for the Mexican American alliance for Freedom and Liberty; Cinco De Mayo. A New Moon is the natural energy of beginnings and this is the time we make our list concerning abundance.

The Full Moon May 19, 2008 is at 29 degrees of Scorpio. This is about release, letting go, finishing up old business. Where we have over extended ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually or financially there has got to be changes made or the "Universe" or "Higher Power" will make the changes for you and that can be an uncomfortable way to get to where you need to be.

Mercury enters the shadow of its retrograde on May 12, 2008 while going retrograde May 26, 2008 the same day Neptune goes retrograde. Remember this is not the time to make major purchases like homes or automobiles. It is a great time to do repairs or redecorate.

Do you have someone living with you that you wish would move out and not return? Have them move out on a mercury retrograde and they will never return. Do you have a habit or addiction you would like to be released from? Quit on the day Neptune turns retrograde for added assistance.


Aries: Make things easier on yourself and keep all paperwork in proper order so you can access what is needed. Begin to keep a ledger of daily events on a calendar for easy reference. Travel and finances increase.

Taurus: Happy birthday! Make this the year you treat yourself with a list of obtainable goals that will bring you lasting fulfillment. Be practical, determined and create a plan to eliminate debt.

Gemini: Take time to rest, read and relax. Practice deep breathing exercises to relieve tension. Schedule medical check-up and a relaxing massage. Home, family and partnerships make demands of your time and resources but give the greatest in returns.

Cancer: Expect the unexpected and rise to the occasion. Take advantage of spur of the moment excursions to include family and friends making wonderful memories.

Leo: Let go let God! Your hands are tied. Just know the challenges you are facing are delivering you to a location you would otherwise never have visited.

Virgo: Change is in the air and you can feel it all around you. So go with the energy and make it a part of your own consciousness. Live in the NOW.

Libra: Open wide and take your medicine. No one likes to swallow the bitter pill: REALITY. But that is what is required to make things right, so stop making excuses.

Scorpio: Fix what is broken, throw out what is beyond repair and recycle what you no longer need, to benefit others. Just remember to cherish what you have with others.

Sagittarius: Opinions come in many forms. Take council from the experts. But listen to the voice of reason and inner wisdom for true guidance.

Capricorn: The pressure and irritation you're feeling from life at this moment is the same energy nature uses to create our most valued and cherished jewels, the pearl and the diamond.

Aquarius: All the pushing and shoving to get in the front of the line is not going to get you what you want any quicker. Just wait in line like everybody else and they'll call each one of you alphabetically.

Pisces: A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still. Make your point and back it up with facts and solid proof. Don't waste time ruminating it as it will only alienate allies.

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