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  March 2008 Astrology Report


March 2, 2008 brings the conjunction of Venus and Chiron at the same degree of the New Moon Solar Eclipse of February 6, 2008. This combination of energies has the power to begin new adventures and events in our lives that we have held desires for yet may have held back from obtaining for fear of failure or any other excuses we give power to that holds us hostage. You may find opportunities present themselves that require you to overcome some personal wound you hold within yourself, that can only be healed by self administered love and respect. The realization that you are only human yet wonderful in the being that you are and you deserve the right to pursue that which makes you an even greater person is obtainable.

March 6, 2008 at 7:14 P.M. we will have the magical energy of Venus and Neptune conjunct on the dark of the moon. Each month we have the energy of the dark of the moon, which is the 24-hour period before the New Moon. This is a time when we can focus our attention on the things that we desire to be released from in our lives. By the ritual of writing them down on paper then burning the list, we are making a conscious decision and commitment. As we ask the Universe for assistance. This is often a very private and personal request. And like anything that is of importance it can and does take practice to perfect. But the rewards are worth the effort. The Sabian Symbol by Marc Edmond Jones of the degree of this conjunction reads

A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws. This is a symbol of man's absolute mastery of his own lower nature, and of his ability to bring every function of life to a high personal fulfillment. There are illimitable channels through which he may further each separate phase of his self discovery, but he always must demonstrate the worth of his own individual gifts before he can participate adequately in any larger reality. His soul finds itself through the Excellencies it makes the very fabric of itself. The keyword is APTITUDE. When positive, the degree is a consistent desire for genuinely significant experience and a willingness to dramatize the self's potentials to any necessary extent, and when negative, frantic efforts to gain and hold attention.

Back in January 2007 we had the transiting conjunction of Mars and Pluto at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. At that time these two dynamic mercenaries brought their energies together. Each of us has a choice on how we choose to use these heavenly timers. But something began at that time to develop in our lives that had potential to expand our horizons or our life situations. It has been a learning experience that has given us the opportunity to realize what we are made of that is established from our belief system. This has resulted in learning about: whom we are, how we think, how we react and respond to the events in life that we create and are created by those in our environment.

On March 7, 2008 in the early hours, Mars will make the third and final opposition to Pluto from this conjunction. When an opposition comes between two planets they are agreeing to disagree in a sense. The results are in; awareness is available, for those who are willing to look at the facts before them. We had two other times when this opposition presented itself. The first occurred in Sept. 2007. At that time you may have felt like you needed to make a stand and reinforce your commitment or give up and go on to something else. When the second opposition occurred in Jan. 2008 it was during the retrograde of Mars. We were already dealing with many issues that concerned us about home, family, security, siblings, neighbors, communication, transportation and to top it off we were being required to react to this in your face realizations caused by the opposition. But thankfully Mars was retrograde and it gave us the ability to make changes based on new insights. For those of you that didn't give up, who continued to endeavor though you might have felt unsure about where this all was heading and what you could expect. The results are in on this third opposition.

Take a good hard look at what is really there. Does the circumstances and situation support the person you are and desire to be? Because the realizations are all about you and your relationships and if it is not satisfactory, time has come to make changes. And you can benefit by making the first changes in your attitude. Evaluate what is right and good and acknowledge it, what is lacking or not satisfactory communicate, negotiate come to a satisfactory compromise or be prepared to live with it as it is, because the truth is right in front of you.

The New Moon March 7, 2008 is conjunct the planet Uranus. This can bring instantaneous new beginnings. A breath of fresh air and renewed hope, this New Moon can bring the foundation and support required to put your life back on its true spiritual track and heal the wounds received from the previous 14 months, if your willing to allow the magic to work through you.

Make your New Moon list for abundance with every detail your imagination can manifest. Let there be no limitation or hesitation.

In the meantime we still must deal with Saturn retrograde in Virgo, where it began the transit of the sign which rules health and work back in September 2007. During the retrograde motion we are being made to see where our flaws are concerning our health practices and where we may need to improve our work-skills, so it is time to consider better diets, hygiene and the development of an exercise routine that works for you and you are willing to devote your time and energy to, as well as making the necessary improvements to make our life's work more fulfilling and productive. Saturn remains in Virgo for the next two years.

The Full Moon March 21, 2008 comes with the climatic charge of a square to Pluto. Squares mean conflict or challenge, so expect some demands to be made and some personal work required. If handled it can mean personal accomplishments actualized and emotional fulfillment realized.


Aries: March 7 New Moon is the time to make the effort after so long a time of hesitation. Every ounce of energy used will produce a pound of productive result. March 21 Full moon puts you and your relationships in the spotlight. You may have to choose whom you want to keep in your camp and whom you need to send packing.

Taurus: March 7 New Moon is the perfect time to decide what direction you want your life to go into then make the necessary arrangements. Seek advice and assistance from those who qualify as support and co-operation is yours for the asking. March 21 Full Moon requires you to make those necessary changes, so be proactive as the alternative could be unwanted reaction.

Gemini: March 7 New Moon brings unexpected as well as desired challenges and opportunities. Listen, watch and analyze what presents itself then put your energy to work to create your masterpiece. March 21 Full Moon shows your past efforts and accomplishments are shared and appreciated or where personal changes are necessary.

Cancer: March 7 New Moon is your personal springtime as change is in the air and it begins with you. Opportunities are available if you are willing to put the effort into getting your desired results. Self- focus will dissipate the confusion and disharmony that surrounds you. March 21 Full Moon will bring many things to light making it a time of important decisions that require careful consideration.

Leo: March 7 New Moon is a perfect time to re-evaluate your priorities and obligations as there are changes you still are adjusting to that can be to your benefit if you change your personal strategy or mindset. March 21 Full Moon will bring a clearer vision into relationships and what your personal roles is, so allow these moments of discomfort to create the necessary changes.

Virgo: March 7 New Moon is the perfect time to make changes that weren’t possible before. Stop dreaming and start believing. It is going to take effort and personal commitment but you have what it takes. March 21 Full Moon has the potential to bring important matters to ahead while creating personal discomfort and external pressure and discord. Choose what is in your own best interest.

Libra: March 7 New Moon is the perfect time for you to purge yourself of all that holds you bondage and take the challenges presented and make them your mission plan to a newer and better you. Leaving you free to express the true genius that resides within. March 21 Full Moon brings you into the limelight, this can be your opportunity to take center stage and meet the challenges presented with your personal power and charisma empowering your magnetic personality to over come your stage fright once and for all.

Scorpio: March 7 New Moon brings a breath of fresh air as this could be your greatest time to begin addressing those personal issues that have been stumbling blocks for years or it could simply be a lost opportunity as the choice is yours. March 21 Full Moon could shed light on what has been hidden and now this new awareness could bring the changes necessary to an improved life.

Sagittarius: March 7 New Moon has a special message just for you. If you follow that personal desire that burns inside you and make use of your talents and resources you can create the changes you so dearly desire or you can stew and feel frustrated that no one is making your dream a reality by doing it for you. March 21 Full Moon could bring opportunities, challenges and pressure that will make following your heart the wisest choice.

Capricorn: March 7 New Moon has potential of bringing you insights into yourself and others that will make changes you desire simply by taking a look from a different perspective, which will create different reactions. March 21 Full Moon will bring results and responses from others that will resolve themselves if given the opportunity to listen to your good counsel and insight as you let them fix their own issues or problems.

Aquarius: March 7 New Moon is perfect time to evaluate your priorities and resources so that they support one another. Decide on what is most important and eliminate the rest. March 21 Full Moon can bring rewards and opportunities if your willing to make changes and try something different.

Pisces: March 7 New Moon brings a new year with great promise for those who are willing to be the catalyst of change. It will require personal dedication and work but the results will bring greater rewards than you can imagine. March 21 Full Moon could bring light onto important issues that have caused you concern through others and their actions once you have done some self examination to see you are reflected through others.

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