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  June 2008 Astrology Report


June begins with Mercury continuing it's retrograde in the sign of Gemini; one of the two signs Mercury has ruler-ship. Making this an important time in all of our lives for paying close attention to the details concerning our every day matters. Take notice of where the glitches are occurring so that immediate action can be taken to rectify any current or future problems. This works well for those who hold true to the adage if its not broken don't fix it. Rest assured it will break, come unraveled, be misplaced or have some monkey wrench inserted in the works if there are any cracks or areas that have been held together with duct tape. While you are at your wits end with the frustration you are experiencing just try to remember this is all happening for a very good reason. No one has taken the responsibility before now to correct any of the malfunctions or mistakes and now it is your turn to make it right or do as everyone before you and simply walk away.

Reward comes not only to the ones who make it their responsibility to make these corrections, but also to everyone else who is directly connected now or in the future. You may also find this is the perfect time to deal with situations that have been placed on the back burner in your life of things needing to be done, as now you connect with those persons, places or things necessary to get the job completed. Mercury rules all forms of communication, the thought process, and the ability to adapt and make the proverbial leap to connect the dots in life. Mercury is the messenger; he carries no personal agenda so keep this in mind when the desire rises to shoot the messenger.

The Gemini New Moon occurs on June 3, 2008 making this the perfect time to reassess what direction your life is going in and who are the main players you have cast in your life drama. Are they the best persons for the parts they are playing? Do they come prepared to meet the challenges when the script has last minute rewrites or do they respond like drama queens', insisting it is all about them? Do you have the ability to direct this drama with open lines of communication to all the key players? So they can see the vision you work from and are compelled by? We all know what it looks like when we see a well-orchestrated team effort that has a mutual goal as the objective. Life illustrates this through the achievements of our idols and their accomplishments with the Super Bowl rings and trophies. How does your life drama look when viewed from an outside perspective? Would you tune in for future episodes or simply change the channel in search for something more entertaining or educational?

A time of interest will occur around June 6-7 when the retrograde Mercury makes a conjunction to the Sun at 17 degrees of Gemini. This is an astral hot spot that was set into motion on the Venus Sun Eclipse of June 2004, an Astrological occurrence that only happens every 121 years. The Venus Eclipse will be in effect from 2004-2012, creating a window of opportunity for everyone or anyone, to find the path to reach their hearts desire if they are brave enough to embark on this journey. You can expect this time of the Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun to be one of realization and insight to the progress you have made on this journey in beginning to obtain a foothold towards the fulfillment of your personal dream.

Take stock in what you observe, hear, feel and experience, as you will be given signs and revelations. There will be signals that can be explained away through normal rationalizations that excuse feelings of anger, despair, frustration, depression or apathy as direct results to exterior situations or circumstances, when in truth it may well be your inner voice crying out, that this is one opportunity that should not be allowed to pass you by un-noticed. This is the fork in the road that gives you time to make a conscious decision on which direction you chose towards your future.

Mercury will go direct June 19, 2008, we can all give a sigh of relief as things connected to communication, information and transportation to name a few begin to flow more smoothly. But we will most likely be still cleaning up the mess of the past weeks until Mercury has exited the area of the retrograde shadow on July 4, 2008. Giving us more to celebrate than just our Country's Independence Day.

Mercury direct will conjunct the Sun at 6 degrees of Leo on July 29, 2008 bringing the time of interest of June 6-7 to a conclusion. Since there is no timing more perfect than that which is created by the heavens you will experience a natural time for relaxation, reflection and mediation as the dark of the moon 48- hour period that occurs before the Total Solar Eclipse August 1, 2008.

My personal advice to those who wish to understand themselves, their lives and the relationships that they attract, would be to use this profound time of this dynamic Mercury retrograde, to create a personal log or journal of events that will occur during this period. As I would expect you might find the magic that lies within, begins to emerge onto the written page to reveal hidden truths. As you seek the answers remember to follow the 4 Golden Truths. Be impeccable in your word. Assume nothing. Take nothing personal. And always do your best.

Pluto re-enters Sagittarius June 13 through Nov. 26, 2008. There is nothing quite like the surprise inspection from the Commander and Chief. Pluto rules atomic energy and it carries the weight of death and destruction within its power. We have all experienced the last 13 years of the transit of Pluto through the sign of Sagittarius being educated, willingly or not about the world in which we live and how we are all connected. As diverse as we all are about our religious, social or educational truths, we are all made from the same matter. Our hearts beat to find love, our minds search to find knowledge, and our souls seek to find purpose, individually and collectively as a human race. We can no longer plead ignorance for our actions.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 18, 2008 is conjunct the retrograde Pluto. This has the ability to bring emotional clarity into our perspective as to what is required for each of us to do, to bring the desires of the heart into reality. Having an obtainable plan, seeing the big picture, knowing what you are capable of doing and being willing and able to seek advice and assistance from those qualified in the areas we lack expertise is often the biggest hurdle. Once this is accomplished, it is time to roll up your sleeves and begin the work required to make the dream happen.

The Summer Solstice June 20th brings renewed focus and energy as we embark on new adventures as we leave behind that which has out lived its usefulness. The Sabian Symbol by Marc Edmond Jones says it all: IMMIGRANTS ENTERING

This is the symbol of opportunity caught and held through its effective recognition in advance, here dramatized by the creative faith of those who risk their well being in bringing their skills into pioneer areas of self-expression. The human soul must be a consistent manifestation of its own special genius, and the individual escapes any major impasse in his life when he is able to transplant his roots. Reality is never more sure than when regrasped in a radical reorientation. The keyword is ENTRANCE. When positive, the degree is courage in crossing new frontiers and skill in repeating or improving on prior achievement and when negative, a surrender of the real in a pursuit of the false.

Uranus goes retrograde June 26, 2008 where it will continue traveling throughout the summer over areas previously transited as it adds its electrifying energy to create random events that inspire, give insight and internal motivation as we learn to handle reoccurring situations in new insight ways that will result in improved conditions.


Aries: Check the depth and conditions that lay beneath the surface before you take the head- first plunge into unknown waters.

Taurus: Invest your time, energy and resources where you always get the greatest returns, where your passions lie.

Gemini: It's often more important to realize you are judged or viewed as much by how you said it then what was said.

Cancer: The recipe for success often resembles those key ingredients that make up the family traditions that make your heart sing when remembering.

Leo: All work and no play not only make you dull and somewhat boring, it is simply an awful lot of effort to just end up tired in the end.

Virgo: Time to look in the mirror and create the make over that will make you that someone you want to spend time with.

Libra: Great advice is useless for those who won't listen or those who will not practice what they preach.

Scorpio: It is okay to want what you haven't gotten but it is simply shameful to not appreciate what you already have.

Sagittarius: The freedom to be all that you can be can only be obtained by the power of self -control.

Capricorn: You must validate and appreciate yourself before you can expect this from others.

Aquarius: If you don't like the view from where you are sitting then change your seat.

Pisces: More often than not by choosing to make no decision you have made the biggest decision to become the victim.

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