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  July 2008 Astrology Report


We begin the month with the New Moon on July 2, 2008 at 11 degrees of Cancer. This often creates a hunger to find nourishment through food, family, friends and that which is familiar, as we seek unity in body, mind and spirit. This New Moon comes with the added bonus of the Jupiter / Venus opposition which brings issues that first surfaced in February 2008 to a workable conclusion, as we gain insight in to how to bring our true needs in line with our personal abilities and resources.

After experiencing a rather difficult time the previous month as life has forced us to realize what it costs us to be who we are, the way we are. Many may find it is no longer conceivable to attempt to continue in the same way or fashion. Unless we are willing to go to the added measures of doing more to maintain the status quo it is time to trim the fat and make necessary adjustments to live within the means of our own personal resources.

There will be reason to celebrate July 4th literally and figuratively as we rejoice in our Country’s Day of Independence, as well as our own, once we have made the personal choice and commitment to free ourselves from, that which binds us. No true victories come without sacrifice or dedication. And only you can decide what you are willing and capable of accomplishing.

Saturn and Mars join together July 10, 2008 at 5 degrees of Virgo to add their strength and determination to create a united force for establishing a workable regime that thrives within the confines of practice makes perfect. This is a two-year cycle that you can use to your benefit for creating a plan for personal or professional accomplishment. Create an outline that includes current status with projected outcome. Define objective. Do you have a personal desire to lose weight? Improve health? Change jobs or vocations? Learn new skills or advance current abilities?

Climb on board the wave of this energy and you will find the usual hardship and self -defeating circumstances have less control or influence to create difficulty. There will be 3 future dates that will give you your personal report card on the progress you are making towards obtaining your goal. December 15, 2008 on the Mars square Saturn. This will be a time to make adjustments as you are challenged to recommit to your objective or abandon your efforts. April 5, 2009 when Mars will oppose Saturn. This should show you physical results from your effort and allow for any adjustments necessary. August 10, 2009 on the Mars square Saturn. When you will experience personal accomplishment and it’s influence on surrounding conditions. With the cycle ending with the future joining of Mars and Saturn at zero degrees of Libra on July 30, 2010 when the strength of these two energies will then focus on relationships.

The Full Moon occurs on July 18, 2008 at 26 degrees of Capricorn. This is a time you may experience a real sense of where you are on your path of finding and keeping happiness in your life. Worth is a personal yardstick only you can measure. If you find you have not surrounded yourself with things or persons who bring out your inner beauty you may need to realize these external conditions are only a reflection of the inner blocks you fail to recognize. No one can do to you what you do not allow. Your reality is the making of your perception of the circumstances. Change your thoughts and you change your world.


Aries:What seems impossible is obtainable, once you begin to take the action to follow your heart and ask for what you need.

Taurus: External demands and irritations are often answers to personal desires for changes we fail to initiate.

Gemini: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Or you may find yourself on a trip to where you never wanted to go.

Cancer: Knowing the difference between opportunity and a traveling salesman’s knock on your door, is a true sign of wisdom.

Leo: Stamina, strength and fortitude are admirable attributes unless you lack the ability to know your personal limits, resulting in overload and breakdown.

Virgo: Patience is a virtue but it does not excuse total lack of effort. Use it or lose it, says it all.

Libra: Peace at any price is just another form of enslavement. If it doesn’t feel right then it isn’t right for you.

Scorpio: Going with the flow and living in the moment are powerful life objectives if they don’t replace the hearts desire and personal safety.

Sagittarius: Your power lies in your ability to know and understand the nature of what and whom you are dealing with. You must know dogs cannot meow or purr.

Capricorn: No one understands the true meaning of “We” more than you. Now you must learn the value of “Me”.

Aquarius: To create what you want in life, you first must believe you deserve what you desire. Then you must allow the magic to begin.

Pisces: To be the person you desire to be, act the part. To influence the desired reaction from others, change your appearance and style.

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