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  Happy New Year 2010

I will admit I am concerned with the direction of things in all our futures. Beginning with the quality of life we will have available to us. And what restrictions we will be required to adjust to. But at this moment it seems as if the personal restrictions each of us have chosen to allow to rule our lives, is even more dangerous. Our failures to address them, is stealing our happiness from within. Leaving us with an inability to find joy and happiness with things just as they are, while stripping away the inner drive and passion to create the desires of the heart and mind. The will to pursue personal happiness and the strength to live in the bliss of the moment we are traveling through.

I wonder if subliminal mind control has been induced to create these stagnant thoughts we all seem to have looping over and over, like watching the same movie without any variety. Which I know would cause me to feel frustrated, angry and depressed. And we know the only way out of this hamster wheel existence is activity, pure physical exertion that stimulates the body then the mind then the spirit. Or at the very least mental exertion that stimulates the brains endorphins to create feelings that alleviate the aches and pains of life.

We are in a period of Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde, the two most influential planets of thought and action. It would be in our best interest if we all made personal inventory to access our current condition. Make an Honest evaluation of what it is that we are living with that is holding us down to worthless repetitious thoughts and actions. Then do personal housecleaning to begin the process of elimination of what is no longer needed or useful. This can and will give each of us the time and space, to bring in new beneficial invigorating experiences into our lives. That will facilitate the opportunities to create the lives that will leave us feeling alive and well, one step at a time, one day at a time. Keep it simple. Begin the journey. Stay focused on the immediate project right before you. Or the enormity of the task surrounding you, will and can be so overwhelming, it could create confusion and inability to accomplish anything. If we approach these personal desired changes realistically. We will all find ourselves at years end of 2010, in command of the destiny to accomplish lives that make us not only feel alive but hopeful. With HOPE anything is possible.

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