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  January 2008 Astrology Report


Happy New Year 2008

The New Year has always been a time for many to make their personal resolutions, declarations made to self and others about the changes we intend to make and hold true to as we accomplish different goals and ambitions. This day represents a fresh page in the book of our lives in which we can be the authors of the play where we are the star actor for the following 12 months. A clean slate, fresh start, new beginnings or endings. And the heavens couldn't agree with you more than they do this New Year.

The Moon is in Libra at 19 degrees making statement that the power lies with each of us to bring balance, harmony and cooperation into our lives.

The Moon represents the pulse of the people the timer of events. The aspect the Moon receives this New Year brings promise and support. The Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are in 4th quarter to the Moon. Requiring action and appropriate response to the conditions in our personal lives and the part we play in it. Venus is Semi-square adding an urgency to evaluate your personal desires with those who matter and finding a mutual balance of aspiration and vision. Mars retrograde in Gemini trines the Moon giving 10 months of ease to fulfill aspirations that are based upon forethought and conviction of true ideals. Jupiter in Capricorn will attract those persons, events or opportunities that will bring natural talent an avenue of expression. Saturn retrograde in Virgo is creating the personal urge for self- improvement. Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius together, create the ability to manifest the dream, the vision, and the desire, of the individual through the combined effort of those who reflect your aspirations or have obtained them. Pluto in the last degree of Sagittarius and the North Node at the last degree of Aquarius trines the Moon adding the sense that time has come to no longer postpone the inevitable, there is nothing to fear but the failure to make the effort to make the greatest changes of all, That of your thinking. Once the mind is changed all changes follow.

May your New Years resolutions bring you the life you deserve, the happiness you desire, the health to enjoy and the prosperity to share.

January brings birthdays to our Capricorn friends through the 20th and our Aquarius friends the remainder of the month. Jupiter has begun its yearlong transit of Capricorn. Creating abundance and expansion to the Capricorn's awareness of what is required to maintain cooperation in keeping abundance in the Cancer's and a personal challenge to the Libra's to create abundance and the challenge and opportunity to go to the next level or start again for the Arian's.

Saturn continues in its retrograde motion in Virgo until it turns direct May 3, 2008. Giving assistance in all self-improvements attempted and made concerning health, diet, work, employment and pets. So don't hesitate to follow your inner desire to allow changes to be made that will bring a better life style. Those of us who seek assistance from those in the service occupations will require the highest quality of workmanship as nothing less will suffice.

Mars continues retrograde in Gemini until it goes direct January 30, 2008.We begin the month with the Mars Pluto opposition, so during this time we need to be aware of the effects our words and actions will have on others or we will suffer the consequences. This can be a time of great personal awareness into the workings of your own inner voice, so you can begin to be in control of what is being dictated.

Venus conjuncts Pluto at 29 degrees Sagittarius January 24, 2008 and will once again at the same degree November 12, 2008. The 29th degree is a time of finalizations, completions, endings and letting go. Venus represents our personal attributes, desires, finances and relationships, while Pluto represents transformation and change. Obviously the "Universe" realizes it will be a challenge for most of us to be able to allow these changes to come into being, so we are given not one full transit but two at the exact same degree to accomplish this transformation. Pluto takes that which we desire or covet the most and takes it away, only to give it back at a later day reformed and improved. You will realize these forced changes during the squares and oppositions Venus will make with Pluto through out the year on or around April 7, 2008, June 17, 2008 and August 29, 2008.

Pluto enters Capricorn January 26, 2008. During the year with its retrograde motion it will re-enter Sagittarius June 14, 2008 until November 27, 2008 when it once again enters Capricorn and remains until January 2024.

Mercury enters the shadow of its retrograde January 13, 2008, turning retrograde January 28, 2008 at 23 degrees Aquarius conjunct Neptune where they will create a Grand Air Trine with Mars retrograde in Aries and the Moon in Libra. So don't be surprised if your interactions with others at this time bring new insights and revisions to the New Year resolutions made previously. The retrograde period of Mercury is the time for doing things that begin with re. Rethink, review, revise, redecorate, reeducate, repair, replace and most importantly rejoice. Until Mercury turns direct February 19, 2008 it would be wise to refrain from investing in large purchase items like automobiles, electronics and homes. There are times when this rule is nullified, like when something you have been looking for or desiring for a long time finally materializes and you would lose the opportunity of obtainment if you waited. I have personally found this does not conform to the natural nature of the Mercury retrograde unless you refinance at a later date, which then seems to bring the problems and conditions that are often associated with Mercury retrograde. Otherwise this would be the perfect time for making repairs on your automobiles. Mercury once direct will leave the retrograde shadow March 10, 2008.

The New Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn 33 minutes on January 8, 2008, is a perfect time to evaluate your objectives and the persons or parties involved and to make a new or renewed commitment to the goals that will produce your desired results. Be aware that you need to realize a change of plans might be required within the months cycle as you adjust to include the assistance or lack there of from others.

The Full Moon at 1 degree Leo 54 minutes on January 22, 2008 will bring results connected with activities or concerns you were investing in related to loved ones, children, creativity and your ability to go out on a limb for yourself or others, back at the Leo New Moon of August 12, 2007. Now that those issues have been resolved you can make new plans to continue to the next step in the direction of desired goals for yourself and loved ones. This Full Moon shows light onto the new possibilities that can be sought after through the proper use of opportunity, investment, knowledge, insight, vision, talent, effort, desire and growth.

Mars continues to be retrograde since November 15, 2007 until January 30, 2008, so it is unwise to use aggressive action or seek surgical procedures not of an emergency nature. The natural energy of Mars is action without restraint; the effect of the retrograde requires the energy to be used after consideration of the consequences. This Mars retrograde encompasses the signs Cancer and Gemini, which involve family, emotions, habits, immediate environment, siblings, neighbors and communication.


Aries: Challenges and opportunities this month may leave you feeling overwhelmed or ill equipped. Your energy level will improve once Mars turns direct at months end. Leaving you ready to implement those considered changes.

Taurus: Whom you know is often as important as what you know. Networking can bring improved circumstances. Personal works of art are accomplished with self-direction and perseverance.

Gemini: Success comes to those who earn it and now is the time to make those dreams a reality. Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde at months end which will allow you time to re-evaluate and make any necessary changes.

Cancer: Going with the flow and allowing life to create the masterpiece on your life's canvas can be more beautiful than your original dream. Allow your eyes to see as an artist and you will behold the beauty that surrounds you.

Leo: This is not a time when you reach your destination; so let yourself enjoy the travel and experiences along the way. You may discover where you were going is no longer where you would want or need to be.

Virgo: You cannot please everybody all the time so don't try now. Choose your battles wisely and remember people can only do to you what you allow. To thy own self be true.

Libra: Personal opportunities and challenges can result in benefits once you've over come the uncomfortable stage of change. Often life has a way of making us a contributing factor in other's lives whether we realize it or not.

Scorpio: The battle lies in not what you have and do but in what you feel and think of who you are. Love and desire are your motivating force. Yet all is worthless without self-love and appreciation.

Sagittarius: Now aren't you glad Santa didn't bring you what you asked for? New desires, change and a different perspective are developing and will bring about a new you that will have different wants and needs.

Capricorn: Happy birthday! As you blow out those candles and make your wish, remember the greatest attribute you could possess is self-control and the ability to not attempt to control others. This alone can make this your best year ever.

Aquarius: Your true desire and willingness to change yourself to change your life is the greatest plan you've had in years. Just remember others are still seeing you as you were not who you desire to be. This will change with time.

Pisces: Are you tired yet? Are you ready to give up and say "Uncle"? It's about time! You must stop and take personal responsibility to allow others to learn and grown from their own experiences. You cannot fix all that is broken in or for others. Time has come for you to be your own best friend and do for self what you have endlessly done for others.

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