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  February 2008 Astrology Report


Astrology is an indicator of conditions, much like a weather forecast. It enables us to know whether we should bring an umbrella or a jacket or simply to dress in shorts as a way of feeling more comfortable during hotter weather. Not everyone checks with the daily weather forecasts, yet they have come to rely on the aches and pains of joint pain to predict damp cool weather or they simply have learned to take a sudden drenching in an afternoon down pour as one of the events that happen on occasion. Astrology is not for everyone, but it is a God given tool for looking to the heavens for many of the answers we find this journey of life brings to question.

February 1, 2008 begins with the conjunction of two beautiful benefic planets. Jupiter and Venus come together at 10 degrees of Capricorn. This cycle of energy will continue to unfold until the next conjunction of these two planets on December 1, 2008. So for the next ten months we can look forward to our angels or spirit guides speaking to us through our desires and interactions with those who matter to us. This assistance is to allow those who will listen to find that sense of feeling unique and liberated while using the new gained knowledge and insights we have experienced, so that we can create a solid supportive lifestyle that promotes good health, satisfactory working conditions, a life free of clutter and confusion and the ability to adapt to external conditions.

Mercury, which is now in Aquarius, began its retrograde January 28, 2008 where it will continue until it goes direct February 19, 2008. So you can expect the unexpected or that which is long over due to finally materialize. It will bring the usual mental confusion and communication difficulties to some, as well as the break down of electrical and mechanical equipment. But this is also the perfect time to look deeper into issues that have left unanswered questions as you could easily find the answers or meet the individuals who could bring assistance. This is the time to make repairs, do research, get organized, clear out clutter and recycle those no longer used or needed items.

Mars ended its retrograde January 30, 2008 but will be in the retrograde shadow until April 5, 2008. We have all felt this influence since last November as it has stirred up our lives as we have been forced to endure personal emotional and mental conflicts with ourselves and others concerning how we feel about our families, siblings, security, homes, neighborhoods, transportation, communication and self patterns and habits to name a few.

Saturn in Virgo continues its retrograde motion through out the month, going direct May 3, 2008. Saturn is the planet that rules business, administrations, construction and laborious employment to name a few. This is the time to do the research concerning any new business and laying the ground -work in preparation. As the support is not there that is required when the planet is retrograde. Just know that if employment is begun during this time the position, duties, or requirements will change.

February 6, 2008 is a North nodal Solar Eclipse at 17 degrees of Aquarius. This Eclipse will have an effect for the next two years and this location activates the Venus eclipse of June 2004 creating energy that brings opportunities and assistance for the obtaining and creating of the dreams and desires of the heart and minds of us all. A north nodal eclipse is a time of new beginnings and experiences.

February 20, 2008 is a South nodal Lunar eclipse at 1 degree of Virgo that is conjunct Saturn. South nodal Eclipses are a time of endings, bringing things to completion. The conjunction with Saturn reinforces the need to put personal health and welfare at the top of the list of priorities as old detrimental habits and conditions must be let go. There are no longer acceptable excuses for victimization or martyrdom.


Aries: Now that your ruling planet Mars has finally turned direct you can begin to feel a surge of renewed energy course through you. Take it slow, as it will be the first part of March before you finish old business and begin breaking new ground.

Taurus: Time for making plans to accomplish those personal goals and objectives with your ruling planet Venus making a conjunction with Jupiter the first day of February. You will find the energy and stamina for the opportunities and challenges that present themselves, yet forget not your own to do list.

Gemini: Once again you find your ruling planet Mercury has gone retrograde leaving you often feeling tired and overwhelmed by the demand that others make in request of your assistance. Know your limits, pace yourself and don’t be afraid to just say no.

Cancer: This month your ruling planet the Moon is involved in a Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Making this an important month concerning friends, goals, objectives, health, work, and keeping your-self well and centered. Change is inevitable and going with the flow highly recommended.

Leo: Your ruling planet the Sun is making a statement this month with the Solar and Lunar Eclipses that will leave an impact for some time. Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Expect the unexpected and remember it is often how we respond and act that is remembered and not our intentions.

Virgo: Mercury your ruling planet has gone retrograde again and you may find your energy level lowered so give yourself a break and listen to what your body tries to tell you as this valuable insight can be of great benefit. You may be in the limelight on the feb.20th Full Moon lunar eclipse.

Libra: Venus your ruling planet makes a conjunction with Jupiter the first of the month. Making this one of the best years of your life if your willing to meet the challenges and requirements made on you. Everyone’s reality is the magic of his or her perception.

Scorpio: Pluto your ruling planet has changed signs into Capricorn creating a new venue from which you can expand your personal horizons. This months eclipses are challenging and supporting these positive changes.

Sagittarius: Jupiter your ruling planet has just entered into Capricorn 45 days ago and has now begun this month with a conjunction with Venus. Those changes you crave are all within you and you will find co-operation or conflict dependant on your ability to make others allies or opponents.

Capricorn: Saturn your ruling planet is retrograde from Dec.19, 2007 until May 3 2008. Creating demands on you personally to find workable solutions to problems concerning work, health, your daily routines and activities. The Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Saturn bringing to light the results of many of your efforts.

Aquarius: Uranus your ruling planet continues in Pisces but with the mutual reception of Neptune in Aquarius this Solar Eclipse brings more than Happy Birthday wishes. Time has come for you to be an active participator and not just a team player in the game of life. Define your dream, and then begin the journey.

Pisces: Neptune your ruling planet is conjunct the Solar Eclipse Feb 6th making this your time to be selfish and realize all things begin with you. Your dreams, goals, objectives must be considered important or they will fade away into the happenings of the world around you.

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