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  August 2008 Astrology Report


August Solar and Lunar Eclipse Astrological Forecast

August 1, 2008 south nodal Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Leo 32 minutes creates a two -year window that allows us the opportunity to bring issues or circumstances to an ending or a climax that have out lived there purpose, to bring to a close another one of the many chapters in the story of our lives. This Solar Eclipse occurs on the degree of the Saturn/Mars conjunction of June 18, 2006. Where we were given an opportunity to bring structure and action into form to create the groundwork for knowing or understanding personally what is required or what stands in the way of creating our hearts desire. Looking back to the times these two planets squared or opposed one another you may find they created turning points or added stress. November 2006, March 2007 and July 2007.Since then Saturn and Mars have made a new contract with their conjunction on July 10, 2008 at 5 degrees Virgo.

May 2000 we had the beginning of a 20-year cycle with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 21 degrees Taurus. These powerful planets that influence business cycles, that bring structure, stability, expansion and education into our lives, came with the intent to bring the appreciation of value for who we are and what we have. Each of us have the free will to learn, grow, become and experience these influences in our own time and in our own special way. Soon you will come to realize that the fantasy you had back then has now become a reality and the reality that was is now a fantasy.

August 16, 2008 north nodal Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Aquarius 21 minutes is conjunct Neptune so be careful what you wish for. Full Moons are always timers when relationships are often key ingredients and awareness the focus. You can expect the energy of fresh air and new beginnings or new perspectives on old ideas. You could find this to be the perfect time to clear your space and minds of unnecessary clutter.

This Lunar Eclipse occurs with Pluto square Mars at the degree of the September 22, 2006 Solar Eclipse. We may once again hear of international concern about products we consume in our daily lives being contaminated or unsafe unhealthy conditions revealed.

A positive use of this energy would be to use the art of Feng Shui to direct the power of chi to enhance your life. Obtain a copy of the Bagu and impose it on your home or work environment. Then check the areas that have accumulated piles of clutter and you will recognize these areas reflect areas in life that give you trouble. Clear the clutter, clear your life.


Aries: Allow your playful creative nature an avenue of expression, which will bring important changes if you do not abandon the fact that there must be hard work and dedication in the mix. Allow inspiration, insight and encouragement from others to direct your adventure.

Taurus: Time to step up to the plate and take your best shot at making your dream a part of your reality. You suffer from stage fright and fear of failure. Just make the effort and keep repeating and soon it will become second nature. So do what you know and love and the rewards will follow.

Gemini: Use your mind and communication abilities then concentrate your energy and resources for obtaining the big picture, while not allowing the noise and distractions of every day life to cloud your vision. Start small as you build big one-step at a time. You will be amazed how quickly your pace picks up speed.

Cancer: If you lack the skills or knowledge then it is time to become educated or employ the experts required. Expect the unexpected, go with the flow, seize the moment and you may find yourself doing exactly what you always wanted, yet amazed at how you got there.

Leo: You have to begin somewhere, so why not here and now? It is not always the destination that is important but the journey. It is not whom your with, but who you are. It is time to find out what you are really made of and just what it means to be really happy in knowing who you are.

Virgo: Time has come to take action and be responsible, no more excuses. Build it and they will come. But if you wait for others to give you permission you may never hear the words you wish to hear. Stop asking for permission to experience your God given right.

Libra: We are judged by the company we keep, with the most critical of judges being ourselves, so surround yourself with a multitude of personalities who will enable you to experience all you are and can be to the fullest of your potential. Let go of self -doubt and embrace self-love.

Scorpio: To be or not to be is not the question. No one has greater skills of being many different levels of consciousness at the same time than you. You must now decide whom the real you is, as if the world was watching. Will you be yourself or what others expect of you?

Sagittarius: Ready or not, here you come. As you seek new horizons and adventures to shed the shackles that bind you, just know that this is accomplishable within structured guidelines. As self was always the setter of limits, not those around you.

Capricorn: The mountain goat depictive of the Capricorn sign is a reminder of the innate ability of sure footedness, agility and determination that resides within you. You are great leaders who teach through example, not pack mules that carry the burdens of others.

Aquarius: The greatest inventions were created out of necessity or improvements. Listen, observe and evaluate. Allow the Universe to inspire your genius to create answers to what will benefit mankind and self.

Pisces: Playing by the rules makes sense and brings order, but the game of life, requires you create rules that bring you order, stability and protection not restriction, responsibility and surrender. Let this Eclipse be your Awakening.

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