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  April 2008 Astrology Report


Pluto begins its retrograde motion April 2, 2008 where it will continue until September 9, 2008 though it will be December 29, 2008 before it comes out of the retrograde shadow and returns to the point it began on this day. When Pluto goes retrograde it often responds more like the planet Mars so don't be too surprised when you begin to notice yourself or others making rash decisions and upsetting the status quo on issues that seemed to have been settled long ago. This will be the final transit of Pluto in the latter degrees of Sagittarius.

I would expect this coming June and July could bring up serious issues concerning the health and welfare of consumers concerning the purity and quality of the foods we innocently expect to be safe for ourselves and our pets. As this will be a time that the Solar Eclipse of September 22, 2006 is reactivated which brought us the realizations of how easily the foods on our grocer shelves can contain that which can cause illness or death.

April 4, 2008 Mars will have finally come out of its shadow from its retrograde motion November 15, 2007 through January 30, 2008. There may be a need to make revisions on decisions that were made during these previous months as we begin to move forward and see there are better ways of doing things or simply come to the realizations that some choices made simply don't work like we thought they might.

The New Moon April 5, 2008 is at 16 degrees and 44 minutes of Aries. Some might find this the perfect time to begin those projects that have been postponed. As this energy comes with its own message of change begins with self and you can make of it what you will but its time to take serious action for a happier healthier you. Whether this means eating better, getting more exercise, drinking water instead of carbonated or caffeine drinks or creating a budget that will eliminate debt. It is time to be responsible and do what you know needs to be done and you may find once you do, it was easier than you could have imagined and well worth the inconvenience or effort required.

April 6, 2008 brings Venus square Pluto. The typical response to a square is conflict or challenge and this one is no exception. As we have the planet of personal resources, self -esteem, survival and relationships in the sign of Aries, where this influence is famous for action without hesitation and forethought. Creating a personal challenge to Pluto in Capricorn that may lead to decisions that go against the rules and regulations or structures that have dictated our actions in the past. This square is working off of the energy of the Pluto Venus conjunction at 29 degrees 56 minutes of Sagittarius on January 24, 2008.

A quick review of the Pluto Venus conjunction: The 29th degree is a time of finalizations, completions, endings and letting go. Venus represents our personal attributes, desires, finances and relationships while Pluto represents transformation and change. Pluto takes that which we desire or covet the most and takes it away, only to give it back at a later day reformed and improved.

So, much like a dog shaking in the midst of a bath he doesn't much care to be given. You can expect to see in others or self a similar reaction as an attempt is made to rid the restrictions that are causing strain on our desires, finances and relationships. Just remember the bath is not finished and the mess will rinse off with no real harm done if you keep your head and don't throw the baby out in the bath water.

The Full Moon April 20, 2008 is at zero degrees 43 minutes of Scorpio. This is always a time of realizations when it just seems that things become more crystal clear and it can be easier to be more objective. But it doesn't mean the results are any easier to deal with and it does require balance and compromise. And the main subject always seems to be about you and your relationships.

You might find yourself feeling like the "Universe" just got you involved in a game of musical chairs and you find yourself scrambling for your own seat.

Back on October 25, 2006 we had a line up of planets at one degree of Scorpio, they were Mars, Venus and the Sun. At that time these planets may have been creating a desire in many of us to make decisions that we hoped would create a better lifestyle. We could have easily made changes that resulted in letting go of persons, places or things as we embraced something new. This Full Moon is shining its light on the results and we are being given the opportunity to see where those decisions have led us and how do we now feel about where we find ourselves today. Count your blessings, exam your mistakes and remember life is a journey that is constantly unfolding with each new day.


Aries: This New Moon April 5, 2008 is all about you, Happy Birthday! Don't let the push you are getting from others keep you from coming to the challenge that is presenting itself as you will find assistance that you need to accomplish that which is required but you have put off for so long.

Taurus: Some of our greatest moments occur when we are simply being whom we are, so don't hesitate when you are invited to join others in doing what you enjoy doing most of all, as this can easily lead to being at the right place at the most opportune time.

Gemini: Slow down and take a deep breath and don't forget to listen to valuable feedback and remember not everyone has the ability to adapt to change as quickly as you do, so that all the hard work you've been doing doesn't result in mistakes and missed steps.

Cancer: Being the port in the storm for others may not be a personal self-descriptive attribute you list on your resume, it is however one of the requisites that opens the door to you're receiving the bounty you have awaited for so long. So don't forget to keep the light on.

Leo: An acorn planted and forgotten can still grow into the mighty Oak that has roots that extend beyond the girth of its majestic canopy. Time proves it has the ability to survive natural disasters, as its beauty often sustains it during reclamation. Know you will weather this storm of life as you have all others.

Virgo: Doing what is right for you and not taking into consideration the needs and demands of others may seem self centered and selfish, But.... if you do not take care of self, who will? It is time to do personal inventory and invest in your health and welfare wisely.

Libra: The true Alchemist, you use diplomacy and tact as you summon fortitude and equilibrium to restrain yourself from bolting through your personal minefield as you use comprehension and insight to do the magic of reflection, as once again you have the difficult task of being the mirror to those around you.

Scorpio: No greater lesson than that of self-control, is hardest to acquire for those so familiar with excessive compulsive tendencies but that is exactly what is required to meet the demands being made, so that you are free to accept the opportunities presented that will facilitate your quest for personal achievement.

Sagittarius: Contracts can seem unnecessary to those who always conduct their affairs with honesty and integrity but they can also keep all parties informed of what is expected from beginning to end. Check credentials, read the fine print, be an informed consumer and remember you get what you pay for, so invest wisely.

Capricorn: Instinct guides the caterpillar to gorge before it enters the cocoon to metamorphose into the butterfly, yet it does not neglect to insure its safety by attaching itself on the leaf that hangs above an inhabited birds nest. Your journey can be safe and successful if you are aware of the position you put yourself in.

Aquarius: The greatest inventors often had failed prototypes or lacked the support or assistance of those around them but they had vision, desire and faith, which lead them to succeed. Dance to the beat of the music in your head and you may find you create steps that others love to imitate, as you were never meant to be a follower.

Pisces: Dream the impossible dream as that is what reality is really made of. Lyricists, poets, writers, actors, artists all possess the same qualities, to create a masterpiece on the canvas of life. It is said that Pisces lack the ability to set limits, so turn this characteristic into the attribute that sets you free to create nirvana.

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